Frequently Asked Questions

What is the registration fee?

The minimum commitment for a Rock 'N Bowl team is $500. Teams have the option to prepay the commitment during the registration process or they can fundraise the commitment but must pay a $25 registration fee. Note the fee is applied to the team commitment.

The minimum commitment ($500) must be met by February 18th, or the Team Captain will be charged for the outstanding balance. *Team captain will be contacted before charge is submitted.

What online tools are available to participants?

Each participant can create a personal fundraising page on our event website. We have provided free online tools to help you share your personal story to inspire others to give on your behalf.

Why is fundraising a crucial part of Rock ‘N Bowl?

For those impacted by family violence, the path to healing can be a difficult one. Over the past two years The Center for Family Safety and Healing did not close their doors due to COVID-19 but, instead, was there to fulfill their goal to end family violence and create safe and thriving communities. Unfortunately, the need was great with an increase in cases and services needed by these families. We need you now more than ever.

How can my supporters make a donation?

  • Send them the link to your personal or team fundraising page
  • They can search for your name or team name
  • If they prefer to write a check, it can be made out to Nationwide Children's Hospital Foundation A [donation form] must be included with each check so the donor receives credit for the donation.

Donation forms with contribution may be mailed to:
Nationwide Children's Hospital Foundation
Attn: Rock 'N Bowl
PO Box 16810
Columbus, OH 43216-6810

Are donations made on my behalf tax deductible?

Yes, all donations in which goods or services are not received are 100% tax deductible. Registration fees for the event are not tax deductible.

The Nationwide Children's Hospital Foundation serves to further the mission of Nationwide Children's Hospital while meeting donor philanthropic goals. Nationwide Children's Hospital is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (EIN: 31-1036370)

When is the fundraising deadline?

The minimum team commitment ($500) must be met by February 18th. Additional fundraising dollars can be submitted after 2/18.

Can I donate but not register as a fundraiser?

Yes! Click “donate” on the homepage to support Rock ‘N Bowl. You can also search for a registered participant or team to support their fundraising efforts. All donations make a difference!


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