Frequently Asked Questions

The On Our Sleeves 5K presented by the Big Lots Foundation has a virtual and in-person event option.


What is the registration fee?

It’s $1 to register for the On Our Sleeves 5K with a commitment to raise or donate a minimum of $50 total. If you do not raise or donate $50, the card that you used to register as a participant will be charged the remaining balance on November 1, 2022. All participants (virtual or in-person) will receive a t-shirt and a medal. You will also be eligible for exclusive On Our Sleeves gear as you reach fundraising milestones, receive access to our personalized fundraising portal, and more!


Why is fundraising a crucial part of the On Our Sleeves 5K?

Now, more than ever, the dollars you raise are critical. Children’s mental health is an often overlooked and vastly underfunded component of pediatric health and research. Lack of healthcare resources and funding only complicate and hinder efforts to make significant changes that impact our youth during these critically important formative years. Gifts of any size will help us accelerate pediatric mental health research at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, which operates the nation’s largest program for child and adolescent behavioral health. The dollars that you raise will support our research and help us provide every community in America with free resources necessary for breaking child mind health stigmas and educating families and advocates, so that no family struggles alone.

What online fundraising tools are available for participants?

Each participant can create a personal fundraising page on our event website. We have provided free online tools to help you share your personal story to inspire others to give on your behalf.

How can my supporters make a donation?

  • Send them the link to your personal or team fundraising page
  • They can search for your name or team name
  • If they prefer to write a check, it can be made out to Nationwide Children's Hospital Foundation

Be sure to include the participants name in the memo or on a separate note so that we can attribute it to your fundraising efforts. Contributions may be mailed to:
Nationwide Children's Hospital Foundation
Attn: On Our Sleeves 5K
PO Box 16810
Columbus, OH 43216-6810

Are donations made on my behalf tax deductible?

Yes, all donations in which goods or services are not received are 100% tax deductible. Registration fees for the event are not tax deductible.

The Nationwide Children's Hospital Foundation serves to further the mission of Nationwide Children's Hospital while meeting donor philanthropic goals. Nationwide Children's Hospital is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (EIN: 31-1036370)

Will Nationwide Children's Hospital Foundation acknowledge my contributors?

The Foundation will send a gift receipt and acknowledgement letter to anyone who makes a donation on behalf of an On Our Sleeves 5K participant.

How can I find out if my company offers a matching gift?

First, check to see if your company has a matching gift program for health organizations. The website, can be helpful in determining which companies match donations. Complete a matching gift form (available from your company's Human Resources department) and send it in with your donation.

How can I check my personal fundraising totals or that of my team?

You track your fundraising efforts via the Participant Center. This tool allows you to log on and review your pledges any time of the day. When a donation is made online, it is processed automatically and added toward your fundraising goal. Donations made by check or money order will be processed and counted toward your total within 10 business days after it is received by Nationwide Children’s Hospital Foundation.

What is the deadline to turn in pledges and donations?

We will continue to accept donations for The On Our Sleeves 5K through September 30, 2022. Please review the page here for the deadlines for specific fundraising incentives.

When will I receive my fundraising incentives?

Fundraising incentives will be assembled and mailed out one month after the event and sent to your registered address.

What can the On Our Sleeves 5K team and Nationwide Children's provide to help me with my fundraising and/or event?

  • Consultation on fundraisers and events
  • Approved use of our hospital name and logo, when appropriate
  • Fundraising Toolkit, including: timelines, FAQs, fundraising tips, helpful templates and more
  • Your own personalized fundraising page
  • Resources for fundraiser organizers to educate their donors on the impact of their gift
  • Letter of authorization to validate the authenticity of the fundraiser
  • Tax ID or Employee Identification Number (EIN) for donation purposes
  • Celebratory check presentations, when feasible

What are items the On Our Sleeves 5K team and Nationwide Children’s cannot provide?

  • Our sales tax exemption number
  • Raffle license
  • Insurance or liability coverage
  • Mailing list of donors and/or vendors
  • Nationwide Children’s stationery
  • Funding or reimbursement of your expenses
  • Celebrities, professional athletes or team mascots for your fundraiser
  • Publicity (newspaper, radio, television, etc.)
  • Guaranteed attendance of physicians or hospital staff
  • Guaranteed staff participation at your committee or planning meetings
  • Guaranteed volunteer support at your fundraiser
  • Guaranteed interactions with patients at the hospital or attendance at events
  • Solicit businesses or vendors for support

Big Lots Associates

How can Big Lots associates participate?

When you register as a Big Lots associate you will automatically become a part of the Big Lots Company Page. Your department, district or store is welcome to create team to track your progress under the Big Lots Company Page umbrella if you would like to track your fundraising progress in more detail. We invite you, your colleagues and team members to participate virtually or in-person for the On Our Sleeves 5K, and encourage to fundraise along the way! This is a great opportunity to engage your team as advocates for children’s mental health and promote wellness.


Event Details

Who can I contact for more information?

Please contact the On Our Sleeves 5K team by email at or phone at 866-317-5437.

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