Wednesday, November 1st
6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Fado Pub and Kitchen - Dublin
6652 Riverside Dr
Dublin, OH 43017

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Supporting the incredible work of Hospice and Palliative Care at Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Novembeard is a month-long fundraiser hosted by the Butterfly Guild that uses your face as your billboard! Throughout the month of November, we are asking men to grow a beard and make a difference to raise money for the Hospice and Palliative Care Program at Nationwide Children's Hospital. The program provides services to children and families, either in the hospital or in their homes, with the goal of helping patients achieve the best possible quality of life. This special team of experts provides families with support, counseling, and world-class care to ensure that a child receives the necessary care and comfort when faced with a life-threatening and/or life-limiting condition.

We know that fundraising can sometimes be intimidating, and you often don't know where to start. Check out the participant center for some tips and tricks on making the most out of your fundraising efforts while growing your beard. You can also use our fundraising tool kit to engage friends and family on social media.

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Why Support Novembeard

For Families like Lauren’s

“Our daughter Lauren was born in November 2013 after a healthy pregnancy. At 4 days old she was admitted to Nationwide Children's Hospital after showing peculiar eye and arm movements. The doctors told us she was having dozens of seizures each day. Then we heard the news that no parent ever wants to hear: Lauren had Ohtahara Syndrome, a very rare form of epilepsy with an unknown cause. The outlook for this neurological disorder was grim – the intractable disease had no cure. No medications would ever completely stop the seizures. And the disease would quickly progress to other life-threatening conditions.

After 10 days we made the incredibly difficult choice to take our medically fragile daughter back home. There were many sleepless nights, pharmacy visits, doctor appointments, and lots of medical equipment and medications to learn about. But we weren't alone. The Hospice team provided invaluable medical, emotional, spiritual, and crisis support. They evaluated her symptoms, attended doctor appointments, advocated for our care plan, helped coordinate financing, and answered our medical questions at all hours.

Lauren’s nine months on this earth were filled with love, laughter, tears, and comfort in our home. We are eternally grateful to all the professionals and volunteers at Nationwide Children's Hospital. The care we received from Hospice and Palliative Care provided us with a foundation of support and understanding that helped us move forward. After the diagnosis, my husband remarked that Lauren would teach us so much. And indeed she has.”

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