2024 Children's Champions

Some super heroes have wheels!
Some super heroes have wheels!

Angel Autumn Marie

Thank you for visiting our team's Nationwide Children's Hospital Fundraising page in Memory of Angel Autumn Marie.

I am participating in the race for the second year. The 2021 race was one of the most inspiring experiences I have ever been apart of. 

This years race will have a new meaning. Sometimes a baby's journey ends earlier than others. Our daughter, Autumn Marie Millen, passed away at 33 weeks gestation in February 2023. I (along side my dad, Autumn's Papa) and some of our friends will be running to honor, remember and celebrate her. Mile 11 is dedicated to the Angels who are no longer here with us. When I run through the Angel Mile, I will be running for Autumn and all the other Angels who have finished their race.

To honor Autumn and all Angels, please consider supporting Nationwide Children's Hospital and the most meaningful marathon in the country this year.

Thank you to our entire community of family and friends for all of your love and support.

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