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Timmy's Kids


Timmy's Kids

We are Adam and Kimberly, the parents of Timothy Matthew Stang, for whom the Timmy's Kids fundraiser is named.

We greatly appreciated the opportunity to spend nearly 17 hours with Timothy, and we treasure the momentos we created during our brief time with him. We seek to help provide other families the opportunity to create similar momentos with which to remember their departed loved ones, including drawing boards, paints, ink pads, etc... that can be used to capture handprints and footprints. Donations for items such as these are frequently overlooked and not always readily accessible within the Central Ohio hospital system, but they have the capacity to provide comfort to grieving families.

In September 2022, we allocated proceeds from our fundraiser to purchase a heartbeat recording stethoscope. The stethoscope will enable parents to digitally capture the heartbeat of their child, which can even be used in a stuffed teddy bear, like a Build-A-Bear bear.

Timothy's life, like that of all children, was important and we seek to honor his memory through this fundraiser. We would appreciate any donations you are willing to provide, all of which are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged by Nationwide Children's Foundation. In time, the goals of our fundraiser may continue to expand as we learn how to best assist families in need.

On behalf of the patients and families of Nationwide Children's Hospital, thank you for your support!

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