The Virtual Butterfly Run - 2021

Our team is breaking stigmas!
Our team is breaking stigmas!

The Stigma Stompers

The Butterfly Run presented by Big Lots supports the On Our Sleeves movement for children's mental health. 

In some way, mental illness touches everyone. You may have a family member, friend, or child who is living with a mental illness. For children, especially, the statistics are sobering.

We are in a national crisis. 1 in 5 children is living with a mental illness and 50% of lifetime mental illness presents before the age of 14. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people. And because children don't wear their thoughts on their sleeves, we need to give them a voice.

It's time to have a conversation about our children, to raise our voices for this important cause.

On Our Sleeves is the national movement to break stigmas around children’s mental health. No family should struggle alone on their journey. Our mission is to provide free mental health educational resources, developed by the experts at Nationwide Children's Hospital, to every community in America to educate families and empower advocates. We also support access to services by connecting families to trusted local resources. To learn more, please visit 

In addition to advocacy and education, On Our Sleeves aims to accelerate Behavioral Health research. In March 2020, Nationwide Children’s opened its doors to the largest freestanding facility in the nation dedicated to child and adolescent behavioral health The Big Lots Behavioral Health Pavilion. The goal of the Pavilion is to develop a national model for pediatric mental health care and research. To learn more, please visit:

By supporting the efforts of our team, YOU are helping to break stigmas and give kids a voice. No action is too small. No voice is too young. Together, we can transform children’s mental health.

Donations are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged by Nationwide Children’s Foundation.

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