We Are Proud To Present the Meaningful Miles Challenge!

Runners 4 SMA
Runners 4 SMA


Join our team and help us support Nationwide Children's Hospital!

Groundbreaking gene therapy research is continuing to be be done right here in Columbus, Ohio! Our SMA researchers at Nationwide Children's Hospital continue to work on further improvements on SMA gene therapy which could help to either reduce the amount of viral vector needed for treatment or to make the treatment even more efficient. They are also working on ways to allow treatment to be given to patients with pre-existing antibodies. Continue to BELIEVE and thank you for your support!

The Kathrin Meyer SMA Research Lab is working hard to make this happen. Nationwide Children's Abigail Wexner Gene Therapy Research Institute is now ranked number 1 in gene therapy research for not only Spinal Muscular Atrophy but also many othe MDA diseases like Duchene, Limb Gridle along with Rhett Syndrome, Batten Disease and many more neurodegenerative disease.

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