Rock 'N Bowl - 2020


DHL and our associates are pleased to support Nationwide Children’s Hospital and The Center for Family Safety and Healing.  The Center fully addresses all aspects of family violence, including child abuse and neglect, teen dating abuse, domestic violence and elder abuse, thanks to an impressive combination of public and private resources. Join us in building a better, safer tomorrow for the families of our community. Restore Hope.

DHL proudly matches all contributions raised for this important charity!  Help us support the cause! Your donation is greatly appreciated. 

This year, we are fielding 9 teams.  Meet our bowlers:

DHL Gutter Dwellers: Jerry Mountain, Heidi Huey, Meghan Rowe, Tracie Yates, Sam Casey

DHL Motions to Strike: McKenzie McElroy, Rob Whipple Maria Tzagournis, Brooke Young, Brett Challacombe

Legal Eagles: Kevin Hidas, Casten Beck, Tiffani Hamilton-Huynh, Darleen Hohenbrink, Joe Miller

Charlie's Angels: Angela White, Charlie VanGundy, Jeff Fischer, Jack O'Connor, Megan Smith

Ten Pin Truckers: Miranda Horne, Chris Lozinak, Jim Monkmeyer, Jane Williams, Jason Gillespie

Spare Me: Jeff Burchett, Dean Sadowski, Adam Wright, Doug Carney, Walt Lowe

Bowlah-Rama: Brandon Ingram, Natan Standafer, Rama Chilukuri, David Gutsch, Cesar Castillo

The Ballbarians: Jacob Popper, Jake Massey, Luke Styka, John Oldfield, David Jones

Big Dog Bowlers: Annie Hutter, Pilar Soto, Anna Daniels, Travis Bosse, Ed Joyce

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