Butterfly Run - 2019 - Be a Virtual Runner!

Team Jack's Jedis Butterfly Run 2018
Team Jack's Jedis Butterfly Run 2018

Shattering Stigmas

Thank you for visiting our Butterfly Run fundraising page. The Butterfly Run was created to support life-saving research and care for kids affected by behavioral and mental health issues such as substance abuse, trauma, suicide, developmental disorders, and depression.

Last year, our team name was Jack's Jedis. This year, we have updated our name to let everyone know we are ready to shatter the negative stigmas associated with mental health.

It is important for us to not only to shatter the stigmas but bring awareness and help spread the understanding of the many issues facing kids and their families affected by these conditions.

Jack, along with his cousin Abbie, are currently undergoing treatment at NCH in the Behavioral Health Unit and our entire family is dedicated to reducing the stigma and sharing our stories. One of our favorite quotes is, "One day you will tell your story of how you've overcome what you are going through now, and it will become part of someone else's survival guide".

Nationwide Children’s Hospital is committed to treating all children regardless of their family’s ability to pay, which cannot be achieved without your support. We encourage you to join our team to walk, run, be a virtual participant or just donate.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!
-Team Shattering Stigmas

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