The Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Marathon & Marathon

Team Ashlyn TEF/EA Awareness

Join our team and help us support Nationwide Children's Hospital!

Tim and I have decided to run the half marathon to help raise awareness for Ashlyn’s birth defects and to help raise money for Nationwide Children’s Hospital. You never realize how much you appreciate a hospital like this until you experience it first hand with your child. God has truly given these doctors and nurses special gifts that they use every day to help children. We really want to help give back and give hope and encouragement to other families and children.

Ashlyn was born with a birth defect called Tracheoesophageal fistula/esophageal atresia (TEF/EA) Basically her esophagus was in two separate pieces and the bottom part was connected to her trachea, she could not swallow. After an 8 ½ hour surgery to repair and connect her esophagus she spent 76 days in the NICU at Children’s Hospital. She has had 4 dilations of her esophagus, PDA repair, g-tube placed after a year of struggling to eat and on and off NG’s, she has tracheobronchomalacia which has resulted in her getting sick extremely easy and stays sick longer than normal with a chronic cough. Ashlyn has been a patient in multiple clinics including Surgery, G.I., Pulmonary, Cardiology, ENT, Plastics, Feeding therapy, OT, Audiology and multiple ER visits and overnight stays. Nationwide Children’s has been a second home to us over the past 2 years and everyone we met has been dedicated to helping Ashlyn receive the best care. We are truly grateful for everything Nationwide has done for Ashlyn and continues to do for her.


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