Columbus Duck Race 2019

Kelly Mulhern

As this year's event chair, I've committed to raising $2,000 as part of the Columbus Duck Race. Event Proceeds go directly to the Research Institute at Nationwide Children's. The Institute is focused on discovery – an improved treatment for serious childhood illness, an exciting new insight into a fundamental biological process, a pioneering strategy to prevent injury or disease, or an innovative way to deliver care to the most vulnerable of our children.

I'd appreciate your support in helping me reach my goal to fund this critical pediatric research. You can help by buying rubber duck racers in the denominations below.

*The more ducks you buy, the more chances you have to win our cash prizes for the top 3 ducks.

Solo Duck – $5

Family of Ducks - $25 - 6 Racer Ducks

Flock of Ducks - $50 - 12 Racer Ducks

Colony of Ducks - $100 - 25 Racer Ducks

Gaggle of Ducks - $250 - 60 Racer Ducks

Brood of Ducks - $500 - 130 Racer Ducks

Thank you for giving a QUACK and supporting pediatric research!

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