Butterfly Run 2018 - Columbus

Jack's Jedis

As some know, NCH and the behavioral health hospital are near and dear to our families heart.  Earlier this year we found ourselves in the NCH ER  with Jack with suicide ideation, anxiety, depression and panic disorder.  It continues to be a struggle every day, but thru our family, faith, friends, and the wonderful staff at the NCH behavioral health unit, we refuse to give up and  want to help stop the stigma around mental health.  Most importantly, JACK refuses to give up.  He has dealt with a lot this year and continues to inspire us every day.

The Butterfly Run was created to support life-saving research and care for kids affected by behavioral and mental health issues such as substance abuse, trauma, suicide, developmental disorders, and depression. We hope to raise awareness and gain an understanding of the many issues facing patients and families affected by these conditions. 

Nationwide Children’s Hospital is committed to treating all children regardless of their family’s ability to pay, which cannot be achieved without your support. My family is participating in the Butterfly Run to help kids around the world who have behavioral and mental health needs. 


Please consider supporting the Butterfly Run by making a donation today. 

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