2024 Children's Champions

Be Impossible in the Fight Against Childhood Cancer!
Be Impossible in the Fight Against Childhood Cancer!

Team Impossible

​"When Faced with The Impossible, Be Impossible, and You will Do The Impossible"

In 2023, Team Impossible was formed for the first time to motivate and inspire kids battling Childhood Cancer, while raising over $32,000 along the way. 

Exactly 10 years after Matt Hill lost his leg, and nearly his life, to Childhood Cancer, he returned​ to Columbus with a team of 20 other athletes to run the Columbus Marathon and Half Marathon!

For the whole year of 2023, Matt and the rest of Team Impossible had the honor of witnessing the very best of humanity as the community around them came together to change the lives of kids battling cancer today.

This year, we are back, and our goal is to help get over 1,200 people signed up to be Children's Champions!!

Join Team Impossible today, and be a part of our movement to move past limitations, find your highest potential, and as always...to Be Impossible!!

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