2022 On Our Sleeves 5K

Our team is breaking stigmas!
Our team is breaking stigmas!

I'm Reddy! Tomorrow Too!

The On Our Sleeves 5K presented by Big Lots supports the On Our Sleeves movement for children's mental health, developed by the experts at Nationwide Children's Hospital, to every community in America to educate families and empower advocates. 

Kids and adults don’t wear their mental health on their sleeves. It is our hope to bring awareness and raise funds to increase timely access to pediatric mental health care. We know how difficult living a mental health journey can be and the need for earlier intervention and support is needed. Both Achea and Bridgette have learned to embrace their story. They are ready to embrace the past, today and the tomorrows!

No action is too small. No voice is too young. Together, we can transform children’s mental health.

All donations are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged by Nationwide Children’s Foundation.
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