Nationwide Children’s Hospital Wish Lists

You can help our patients and families by donating items on our wish list, including educational toys, games, and other items. If you would like to purchase from our Amazon wish list, the items will be sent directly to the hospital. 

If you would like to make a gift that enables our Child Life Specialists and Clinical Specialists to purchase more specialized items only available through special retailers - click here to make your gift online.


Patient Play - Family & Volunteer Services

Child life specialists, music therapists, early childhood development specialists, and sibling liasons throughout the hospital work hard to be creative in meeting the wide variety of needs of patients and their families. Please help child life specialists engage patients and help them learn skills to assist them in coping, minimizing stress and fear about medical procedures, and help siblings understand what is happening to their brother or sister.

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Behavioral Health Services

Nationwide Children's behavioral health experts recommend therapeutic books, toys that are great for interactive play as a physically regulating strategy; art supplies, bubbles, kinetic sand and Play-Doh for regulating and relaxing tools; journals and sensory items are great for expression and dolls and figures are great for social and emotional development and interactive play! Please help therapists provide items that provide positive encouragement and coping skills.

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Emergency Department Clothes Closet

Trips to the Nationwide Children’s emergency department frequently leave children and parents with ruined clothing that cannot be worn. Please help provide clothing to replace their destroyed clothes.

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Heart Center

The Heart Center at Nationwide Children's Hospital has expertise, compassion and the most advanced technologies. Please visit their wish list to select items that staff has identified as greatly needed.

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Hematology, Oncology, and Bone Marrow Transplant

The Hem/Onc psychosocial services team helps children understand what they are going through; assists them in coping, minimizing stress and fear about medical procedures, and help siblings understand what is happening to their brother or sister. One family member’s illness impacts every family member and we strive to create an environment where children can achieve their best health and families can receive the support to positively cope with their child’s treatment and care.

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Homecare and Palliative Care

Hospice & palliative care is designed for families whose children are facing a life-limiting condition and who are seeking additional support and care management from the comfort of home.

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NICU Neonatal Intensive Care

The tiniest of patients and their families arrive in the NICU with little to no time for preparation and the time that follows is a roller coaster ride of frequent ups and downs. Items on the NICU Wish List provide needed supplies for new moms and some toys that allow parents and caregivers to engage in developmental play.

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PICU Pediatric Intensive Care

Often patients arrive at the PICU after a trip to the emergency department. That trip frequently leaves not just the child, but also the parent with ruined clothing that cannot be worn. Parents whose children are patients in Intensive Care are frequently too frightened to leave their child's bedside for even the most basic functions. Please help provide clothing to replace their destroyed clothes and some of their basic needs.

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Spiritual Care and Bereavement

Nothing can prepare us for the death of a child of someone close to us, and no words can express the depths of sorrow experienced by bereaved families. They can be overwhelmed and at a loss for how to move forward. At Nationwide Children's, we take a holistic approach to accompanying families at the time of death and beyond. Your gifts from the Wish List enable us to help preserve memories, building legacies and assisting with ongoing bereavement support on a path toward healing.

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The Center for Family Safety and Healing

The resource room provides needed supplies for patients and families who visit the numerous programs at The Center for Family Safety and Healing. Your donation can assist children and families who are on the path to healing.

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