Memorial Tournament Patron Will Call

The Memorial Patron Will Call (MPWC) is pleased to offer two different levels of service, Premium Service and Standard Service. The Memorial Patron Will Call is hosted by the Memorial Tournament Volunteer Committee for Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Their goal is to provide the community with a convenient and efficient means for exchanging Memorial Tournament badges. The fees collected benefit the Memorial Tournament Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Nationwide Children's Hospital.


The Memorial Patron Will Call Premium Service handles the exchange of your badges for the entire tournament week. The Premium Service is offered for a requested minimum fee based upon the number of total badges.

If you are looking to purchase the Standard Service badges, click here.

The minimum fee for Premium Service is:

$75 1-6 Badges $255 31-40 Badges $480 71-90 Badges
$120 7-20 Badges $320 41-50 Badges $580 91-125 Badges
$180 21-30 Badges $380 51-70 Badges $680 125+ Badges
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