Rock 'N Bowl 2018


Thank you for supporting DHL Supply Chain's 12 Rock'nBowl teams (60 bowlers) and our ASC-wide fundraising efforts to benefit Nationwide Children's Hospital's Center for Family Safety and Healing.

The Center for Family Safety and Healing fully addresses all aspects of family violence, including child abuse and neglect, teen dating abuse, domestic violence and elder abuse, thanks to an impressive combination of public and private resources. Benefits of their multidisciplinary team approach include: A one-stop, coordinated response to family violence for individuals and families through partnerships with law enforcement, child protective services, prosecution and a wide-range of community resources.

OUR 2018 GOAL – RAISE $15,000 by April 17, 2018:
$7,500  Raised by ASC Associates
$7,500 DHL Supply Chain's Matching Donation*

*DHL Supply Chain will match ASC associate donations made by April 17, 2018.

ASC Associates may make donations by providing any of the following to an ASC Floor Coordinator:
• Cash,
• Check (payable to Nationwide Children’s Hospital); or
• A copy of an online donation receipt made to this DHL Supply Chain Team webpage

Watch for ASC Updates in your email for upcoming DHL associate fundraising events!

 Please support our DHL Rock ‘n Bowl Teams and Associates!

Gutter Balls
•    Leslie Sheridan
•    Stephen Simms
•    Larry Rosen
•    Tammy Persons
•    Sally Miller
 Bunch of Turkeys
•    Brian Gaunt
•    Michael Roberts
•    Bill  Desantis
•    Scott Warren
•    Greg Sierchula
•    Brandon Ingram
•    Rama Chilukuri
•    Nathan Standafer
•    Cesar Castillo
•    Mark Turski

Gutter Humiliation

•    Felita Moran
•    Kristen Loesel
•    Lori Synk
•    Bob Bacigalupo
•    Frank Turner

Retail IT Team 2

•    Russ Gilliland
•    Scott Inboden
•    Srikanth Pillapakkam
•    Becky Randelin
•    Josh Forbes

Charlie's Angels

•    Angela White
•    Brett Challacombe
•    Charles VanGundy
•    Jeff Fischer
•    Annie Hutter

Motion to Strike

•    Allison Haedt
•    Alex Knight
•    Kevin Hidas
•    Leslie DeMarco
•    Luana Watkins

Livin' on a Spare

•    Rob Whipple
•    Andrew Post
•    Carsten Beck
•    Darleen Hohenbrink
•    Maria Tzagourni

Split Happens

•    Alison Shreffler
•    Kelli Saunders
•    Kimani Phifer
•    Michael Eddingfield
•    Tiffani Hamilton-Huynh

Retail IT Team 1

•    Steven Mikan
•    Carl Behn
•    Leah Staursky
•    Steve Turchan
•    Garrett Haptonstall

DHL Gutter Dwellers

•    Tracie Yates
•    Jerry Mountain
•    Meghan Rowe
•    Don Leaman
•    Heidi Huey

Spare Me

•    Chris Reveal
•    Laura Farley
•    Amber Cain
•    Luciana Costa
•    Denise Mager

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