2017 - Children's Champions


Join our team and help us support Nationwide Children's Hospital and our sweet girl Quinn!

Without Nationwide Children's Hospital, Quinn would never be where she is today. Born with type IIIB jejunal atresia, Quinn underwent a pretty complex surgery at 7 days old. Her recovery was shocking as she blew doctors and medical staff away with her determination to get strong enough to come home. On August 26th, after a lot of ups and downs, and a month long stay, Quinn came home with Matt and I. Since her arrival home, she has been faced with all kinds of challenges, but out girl just keeps blowing them all out of the water. We are so grateful to the medical staff at Children's, especially the NICU staff, our surgical team, and our GI team who will continue to follow Quinn on a mothly basis, and comminicates regularly with her crazy mom :)

The money raised through team #mightyquinn will go directly to the GI department where Quinn will continue to spend time, and to the NICU in which she stayed for the first month of her life. Please consider supporting Nationwide, the thousands of kiddos that they support every day, and most importantly to us, our Quinn.

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